Mr. Sunshine Premium Version Pre-Order Started!

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To all Mr. Sunshine Fans,


We’re delighted to inform you about the Premium Version* of Blu-ray/DVD set for Mr. Sunshine.

Premium version of Blu-ray/DVD set will include,

12 disks of the original episodes in Blu-ray + 8 disks of extra clips (making, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, commentaries and interviews) in DVD = $283.30 (USD)

$11 coupon can be downloaded and used from the order form, using red button. That will make the final price to $272.30 + shipping fee.

This set will also have special gifts including

·         100 pages of not-yet released photo album

·         1 episode script

·         limited edition serial number card

Extra clips will include commentaries/interviews from writer/director/casts.


You can order from Nov. 20th 2 PM (Local Korean Time, GMT+9) to Dec. 19th.


Premium version is limited to 500 sets, so please hurry before you miss this! Also, if the total number of orders doesn’t meet 500, production will be cancelled. Please support and promote Mr. Sunshine premium version!


Order Link:


* No subtitles will be provided for this set. All original disks and clips will be in Korean.

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