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대성 이홍열 합장

Invitation to the


Date & Time: Saturday, 16 November 2019, 16:0018:00

Venue: 전법회관 지하1층 선운당 (Jeonbeobhoegwan B1 , directions below)

Dharma Teacher: Venerable Daebong Sunim(Abbot of Musangsa, Korea)

Topic: The Four Great Vows

Language: English

The International Dharma Instructors Association (IDIA) is a non-profit organization under the support and

supervision of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism(대한불교조계종). Our mission is to help people find

inner peace and true happiness by sharing Buddha’s teachings. MONTHLY DHARMA TALKS are given by

eminent Seon(Zen) masters and venerable Buddhist Sunims. Anyone interested in Buddhism is welcome

to join!


Dharma Teacher: Venerable Daebong Sunim(Abbot of Musangsa, Korea)

▪ Topic: The Four Great Vows

▪ Abstract:

I vow to save all beings.

I vow to end all sufferings.

I vow to learn all Dharma teachings.

I vow to attain enlightenment.

The Four Great Vows are a core part of Buddha's Teaching. What is their true meaning and

how can we use them in our everyday life?

▪ Biography:

- Venerable Daebong Sunim was born in 1950 in the United States.

Sunim graduated from university with a degree in psychology

  in 1972 and worked for five years as a counselor in a university

  psychiatric hospital and a prison.


- Sunim met Venerable Sungsan Sunim in 1977 at a public

Dharma Talk at an American university.

- Sunim immediately began studying with Sungsan Sunim and

after 7 years practing, Sunim became a Buddhist monk in 1984.


- Sungsan Sunim made Daebong Sunim the Abbot of Zen Centers in Paris, France, and in

  Berkeley, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States.

- Sunim has lived and trained in meditation centers and temples in the US, Europe, and Asia for 39 years.


- Sunim received “Inka” authorization to teach in 1992 and “Transmission” in 1999 from

  Sungsan Sunim.

- Now, Sunim is the Abbot of Musangsa, Gyeryong Mountain in Korea.

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