[스크랩] Emile Munier (1840~1895)

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A Careful Stitch

A Special Moment  1874

A Spring of Berries  1891

Big Sister

Cupid Disarmed  1886

Distracting the Baby

Her Best Friend  1882
Jams  1891

La Jeune Paysanne  1894

Autrefois(Long Ago)

May I Have One Too  1880

May I ?  1881

Mother and Child  1892

Pardon Mama  1888
Playing with the Kitten  1893

Portrait de Marie-Louise  1880

Portrait of a Mother and Daughter  1885

Suger and Spice  1879

Testing the Water  1890

The Bather

The Broken Vase
The Letter

The Peacock Fan  1874

The Rescue  1894

Two Girls Praying  1882

Two Girls with A Basket of Kittens

Young Girl with Goat & Flowers  1890

Young Girl with Lamb
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