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T H E   P R E S E N T E R S

Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., world-renowned expert on lucid dreaming, has pioneered the scientific study of the topic. His groundbreaking research at Stanford University demonstrated the validity of lucid dreaming to the scientific world, and his best-selling books Lucid Dreaming and Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming have introduced thousands to the experience.

Dr. LaBerge’s recent research shows how the phenomenon of lucid dreaming sheds light on the nature of consciousness, viewing consciousness as the dream of what happens, with perception and dreaming essentially differing only by the presence or absence of sensory constraints. He is a dynamic speaker, known for his humor and ability to stimulate thought and to make scientific concepts relevant to the individual. Through the years his research team has developed highly effective techniques, including technological aids, for building lucid dreaming skills.

In addition, Stephen has had extensive personal experience with lucid dreaming, having learned to have lucid dreams at will, and among his thousands of lucid dreams are many which have been delightful, inspiring, enlightening, and life-changing. Thus he is an unabashed advocate of lucid dreaming, believing that the world would be a better place if more people developed the art.
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