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Henri's Journey in Busan, Korea (11years) with his father, Sami - Wavelength Practice Experience(LOVE)

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On 16th June 2019

Henri's Journey with his father, Sami from Finland

in Busan, Korea with my family


Dad and I woke up at 7 am in Seoul.

We took the metro for 4-5 stations to Seoul Station with our TKD friends.

We waited for the KTX for about 30 minutes.

The KTX took 2hrs and 15 minutes to Busan and it went at 304km/h.



We then arrived to Busan station and met with GM Kim.

We found the station car parking lot and then GM Kim’s car.

We drove through town to his apartment building on his nice BMW.

There we met with his younger son.

We walked to a glass bridge( Oryukdo Skywalk ) together,

it was not far from his place.

We took a few pictures there and walked down to a memorial stone

and took more photos.


After that we started a walk to a forest up some steep stairs.

(from Oryukdo park to Likidae) I was a bit nervous

as I had a bad burn mark on my left foot and it hurt quite a bit.

I got the burn mark as our Korean TKD master (Master Lee) had sprayed

so much cold spray on my foot when I twisted it and there was now a big burn mark.


On top of the stairs there was a path that went to the forest by the sea.

At some point there was a nice photo platform and we bought ice cream.

We took the ice cream with us and continued.


The walk was maybe 1,5 hours and we got to the end

and saw some men fishing. At this point I told GM Kim that my foot really hurts

and we stopped. He started pressing on my arm and it felt quite funny.

I do not know what he did but it didn’t really help.

After that we walked up a steep hill towards a restaurant for lunch.


At the restaurant(이기대 돼지국밥집) we had pork soup.

They also served Kimchi and some other stuff to the table.

The soup wasn’t my favorite but I still ate half of it.

After this went to a funny local desert bar(할매손 팥빙수)

to have some strange ice-bean desert(팥빙수).


It was pretty nice. GM Kim’s wife picked us up near this place

and we drove to GM Kim’s house.

We had fruits, berries and coffee in his living room.

The view was amazing directly to the ocean.

I ate everybody’s berries!  


GM Kim started to press different points on my arm

(Wavelength Prompt Effect - Love -통증제거)

He did this for maybe 3 minutes. He then asked me to walk around

and I was amazed because the pain from my foot was totally gone.

I started smiling and I was very happy.


I asked my dad how was this possible? (Frozen Shoulder -오십견)

He then did some weird things to my dad’s arm.

His shoulder has been really sore for over a year and

he has not been able to lift anything with his arm.

GM Kim did some funny stuff to my dad’s arm and shoulder’s

and then he was able to lift his bag all the way up with his bad arm.

Really strange!


He then drew maybe 7 little circles to my left arm

and showed me how to massage these myself.

Point was not to press hard.

(Energy Balance with Wavelength Connection

possible by any kinds of stuffs - Magic Circle Massage?


Then I got really tired

and Kim’s wife took me to their bedroom

and put me to sleep. I slept like a log for about an hour.


After this their older son, who is a doctor,

started looking at my burn mark on the foot.

He broke the big blister and put some medicine on it.

He also put a new bandage on my foot.


Mrs GM was very nice and she was holding my hand all the time.

I felt very safe and much at home. He had a very cool office

and I thought there would have been more swords but there was only 4.


We then left with GM Kim to look at some sights in Busan

and saw the school where his wife is a teacher.

We also saw a cool dragon statue(용두산 공원에서).

I tried to see all sneaker shops in Busan and dad and GM Kim had to waitJ

We then went to a Japanese restaurant that was really nice.

GM Kim then took us to the train station and he waited with us until our train left.

He also met with our friends from our TKD club.


Funny thing was that as my burn mark was actually very bad,

two days after our trip to Busan,

it had healed totally and I didn’t need even a bandage.

I am sure he did some magic tricks.


(Told by Henri Vainiomäki 11yrs,

translated but not modified by Sami)

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