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Understanding for Prompt Pain- Relieving & elimination by Wavelength Practice"

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■Understanding for Prompt Pain- Relieving & elimination

by Wavelength Practice"■
파장운동에 의한 즉각 치유의 이해

We in the Jnyoung Ssangkum Ryu of martial arts learn & teach

through Kimu training which is

"Sambo Love Wavelength Movement or Wavelength Practice".

Sword training, especially with two,

will be very helpful to be able to practice to feel & connect

with Energy by trying to use a whole body

between the end of swords and toe.

We in the martisl arts should know

it should be very basic one has to be based on training physically & mentally,

even meditation or praying or any kinds of breathing practice and so forth.

When we get to understand & acquire it with body and mind, any kind of things

in the philosophy and religion etc. will be able to be understood

and made discriptions for others

because  all around us are interconnected

with only one principle in the univere.


we will come to know that it is for better body & mind

with health and happiness for better life in quality,

as well as it also should be made the ultimate of human life

which is definately necessary to be accumulated

with Love while we live.

 Sambo(heaven, human being, earth) 

= love = wavelength = light = energy

Through it, which will make the blocked parts be unblocked

and then it will be helpful to heal

immediately the uncomfortable or suffering parts or

something like that all over the body

by touching or rub or stimulate with any kinds of materials

only if we could be able to find the exact points to be connected

with the unblocked one through Kimu training and even with swords.

cf) Henri's Journey in Busan, Korea

This is called "Sambo Love Wavelet Movement"
which will be exercised repeatedly

by Kimu training so trainees can acquire Energy itself

with body & mind for making a use of their daily life

and training in the martial arts as well.

first stage : Relax, and feel the energy
second stage : focus, and see it
third stage : realize, and do it

There is steps for drills for Feel & Connect

with breathing through basic training

cf) Basic training with to swords in Australia

First, Make sure an exact position & movement of foot & swords

and do it over and over

Second, feel energy with breathing all over the body

Third, Make energy feel & connect from the end of sword to the tiptoe.

So you can use your whole body

and you will be able to enjoy to train naturally with following the energy.

Teacher have to be able to see or feel exactly

where it moves and how it works, and then teach properly.

Energy is Light which is called "Love" in the Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu HK
It is very simple and not complicated,

so it is possible for anyone to experience

and learn it through kimu training of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu.

It will be able to let us lead to make the immediate effect

through making wavelength of energy be connected

between one point and the other one basically

which will be said with various expressions by saints and sages,

even into the scriptures such as Bible or Buddist etc.

since the beginning of history.

I here show and teach it with modern ways

by my creation in the Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu of martial arts

which includes definitely Skill for physical training

and Medicine parts for healing

as I have been learning from Nature for better life in quality

until now which is the most updated way for anyone in 21C.

That is why I am now preparing for publishing ,

 " Searching for forgotten half part of martial arts."

I have been showing and explaining its principle

which will be able to lead to the correct way

since published 5 series book for Correct Practice.

If you could understand the contents of these books,

there is nothing mysterious or puzzled

for prompt pain- relieving & elimination

as well as checking the causing part all over the body.

Soon posted how to practice and how to do

with Wavelength Energy what is so called "LOVE"

since started to teach Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu HK.

cf) What is KI-MU and how to do for a good training?

Enlightenment & improvements of human life in quality

through martial arts and practice

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