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Healing into the training of martial arts?

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Through conscious change and thinking outside the box in the training of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo with two swords system, one can attain a deeper understanding of philosophy, medicine, and the essence of martial arts, which is my mission for all lifetime practices.

After witnessing the teaching of healing through martial arts seminars, some people may have doubts about the relationship between healing and martial arts training, or they may still not fully understand it.

Martial arts can help integrate the body and mind, regulate energy flow, and strengthen muscles. These martial elements can improve balance and flexibility, relieve stress, and maintain proper energy flow in the body.

Healing taught during martial arts seminars aims to enhance the body and mind's self-healing ability by utilizing these martial elements. This can improve psychological stability and physical resilience, as well as provide benefits such as stress management, self-regulation, and improved concentration.

Therefore, I will briefly explain it again as follows.

Martial arts training is focused on the "flow of energy," and its increasing martial arts skill is directly linked to "Healing"

If you are interested in more information, "Searching for the Forgotten Half in Martial Arts," published by English version, will provide you with various diagrams and explanations for deeper and wider understanding.

The reason for striving to help the healing of others during the training in Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo is to demonstrate the fundamental interconnectedness between martial arts training and the healing system.

This is because it becomes an essential element for consciousness change and enlightenment for better practice and life in martial arts and daily life.

It should not be overlooked that the beginning of martial arts training starts with the flow of energy.

If you don't know it, it means that you have never learned it, and you can not teach it.

So, what makes a good teacher is teaching the correct way to learn and teach the fundamental of martial arts, which is the "flow of energy."

The disciple, based on that, strives to polish and refine themselves, making efforts to become a good disciple. This is considered desirable.

Many people engage in feeling or following the flow of energy in their movements, and there are numerous methods in the world to cultivate it.

The most crucial point is to understand the essence and reality of that energy, which enables us to understand how it connects with healing and allows us to start the right practice.

Meditation, prayer, or breathing exercises also help us understand right from wrong and choose the appropriate method that suits us.

It also means not wasting time and energy on unnecessary or irrelevant things. When people learn something, they tend to keep adding unnecessary things to it by their will by their present level and degree.

While this may be a way for humans to develop with lots of failures in it, it is not always necessary.

Many people have wandered and turned to religion for centuries in search of something spiritual, practicing prayer or meditation, and performing thousands of prostrations. However, as religion and philosophy develop into academic disciplines, the essence and reality of human life that we need to understand only seem to become more distant.

The existence of everything in the world coexists within our relationship, and if I cease to exist, the world ceases to exist as well. I am the protagonist, and it depends on my mindset.

Nurturing that mindset is enlightenment, and it is limited to the practice in everyday life. This practice is called "Do." In other words, it is the way of human life, the "Do."

To cultivate the mind means to try to understand within the context of relationships. The constant effort to understand helps to dissipate anger, resentment, jealousy, misunderstanding, and greed. It is a way to live without getting angry, to extend one's lifespan, and to experience less suffering.

Ultimately, wisdom emerges from this process, and it nurtures love that becomes the driving force of life. When that time comes, a grateful heart naturally bursts forth like a cluster of clouds, enveloped in a gentle radiance, and the whole body becomes light as a feather. That is the true essence of gratitude.

Through such a process, during our lifetime, we develop our level of consciousness as human beings and pursue proper values. We live with less difficulty, less hardship, more leisure, and greater abundance, ultimately returning to nature.

Whether or not our physical bodies or minds can afford to travel abroad or possess luxury goods that we desire in the present moment, it has no relevance to the ultimate scorecard of life when it comes to our final journey.

When creating a bucket list, if we align our criteria with the changes in our consciousness and the pursuit of proper values, it can be worthwhile even if it's just a small achievement. This is because as time goes by, our physical and mental strength becomes more susceptible to exhaustion and pain.

The change in values and consciousness towards the right direction is a change in energy, an upgrade of the mind and body's energy, and becomes the foundation that makes me healthy and happy.
Moreover, when I can perceive with my body and mind how it interacts with the energy of my consciousness and nature,
I can easily judge right from wrong in the many things that have been passed down for hundreds and thousands of years in religion and philosophy according to my own understanding.

By transcending the change in consciousness and the existing way of thinking, one can gain a deeper understanding of the essence of martial arts and healing arts and further realize the fundamental nature of religion, philosophy, and humanities, leading to a better life.

"That is the lifelong pursuit and commitment through Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Training with Kimu."

July 8th, 2023
JS Kim in Korea 🇰🇷


"MU (무)" refers to martial arts, "WI(의)" refers to healing arts, "DONG(동)" means the same, and "WON(원)" means origin.

Therefore, it can be understood that martial arts and healing arts share the same roots.

This indicates that the essence and reality of martial arts and healing arts are interrelated and share the same principles and philosophies.

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